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K2/K3 Educational Materials

Pathways for Preschool

Pathways for Preschool is a well-balanced program for K2 and K3. Preschoolers will have lots of fun as they meet daily with their animal friends at the Big Red Barn. Each activity and concept in the program is research-based and developmentally appropriate. Interactive circle times help children learn, grow, and have fun! The Teacher’s Edition includes lesson plans and activities for each age, offering wonderful flexibility.

The K2/K3 preschool educational materials, provides your preschoolers with enjoyable age-appropriate activities that encourage participation in every major area of learning—personal and social development, letter and number recognition, and motor skills development. Through the use of ideas, games, songs, and activities, this colorful preschool program will encourage creativity, keep your preschoolers’ interest, and instill an early love for learning.

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Pathways for Preschool Student Materials

    Pathways for Preschool Activity Packet $25.56

Pathways for Preschool Teacher Materials

    Pathways for Preschool Teacher's Edition $73.33
    Pathways for Preschool Teacher's Visual Packet $71.94
    Pathways for Preschool Hoppy Tunes CD $32.22
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