Writing & Grammar 9 Fourth Edition

the Writing & Grammar 9 textbooks

Equip Intentional and Effective Communicators

Help your students become intentional and effective communicators by giving them systematic grammar instruction with direct application to speaking and writing. Writing & Grammar 9 (4th edition) weaves grammar instruction and writing practice together throughout so students have opportunities to connect the skills they’re learning to the texts they’re writing. Biblical worldview themes and questions help students learn to apply a biblical view of identity, logic, integrity, and judgment to intentional communication. This course uses thematic units to give students a variety of mentor texts that guide them in composing small and large writing assignments in various genres.

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How We Teach Writing & Grammar 9

a sample page showing a Mentor Text a sample page showing a Reviser's Repair Shop

Mentor and Model Texts

The student worktext includes mentor and model texts, which allow students to analyze effective writing selections to better understand how to use writing strategies to improve their own writing.

Collaborative Projects

Activity suggestions in the student worktext and teacher edition include collaborative activities and oral and visual presentations that strengthen students’ 21st century skills.

Reviser’s Repair Shop

The student worktext helps students focus on methods for improving their writing assignments while they’re still in the drafting step of the writing process. This feature helps students recognize the connection between grammar and writing so they can immediately apply grammar skills to writing.

Study Hacks

Study Hacks sections provide students with strategies for making their learning more effective and efficient.



Student Worktext (eWorktext Available)

The student worktext includes six thematic units to provide students with opportunities to practice writing and study systematic grammar in connection to writing. Students will analyze the writer’s craft in inspiring mentor texts and learn to apply the writing process and research skills to their writing projects. Writing assignments give students the opportunity to learn persuasive, informative, and narrative writing. Special features like Grammar Garages, Portfolio Pieces, Reviser’s Repair Shops, and Study Hacks help students further develop relevant writing, research, and study skills.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition gives teachers lesson pathways for guiding students through mentor and model texts, writing projects, and collaborative, visual, and oral activities. Teachers will be able to show students how writing strategies and systematic grammar are linked to help students produce creative, original writing that has been crafted to serve the reader. The teacher edition encourages teachers to use Think-Write-Share, Think-Pair-Write, Turn and Talk, Turn and Teach, role-play, Quick Write, KWL Charts, and many other pedagogical strategies for instruction and engagement.

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