English 5 Third Edition

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Master Foundational Grammar and Writing Skills

Equip your students to master and apply foundational grammar and writing skills so they can learn to express themselves in God-honoring ways. English 5: Writing & Grammar (3rd edition) helps students to expand their knowledge and skills through regular exercises, activities, and writing projects that require them to practice and apply grammar and writing skills in a variety of situations. This course provides teachers with suggested activities and assignments that invite students to collaborate, present what they learn, and review each other’s work so students can become better communicators.

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How We Teach English 5

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Modeling Learning

The student worktext and teacher edition include regular opportunities for teacher-modeling and working with relevant mentor texts. These activities help students learn to think through processes they will need for planning, writing, and reviewing their written communication.

Visual and Digital Literacy

This course encourages students to develop visual and digital literacy in continued teacher-modeling activities, additional visual-analysis activities, lessons in internet safety and research.

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Writing Workshops for Development

Teachers can lead writing workshops for individual students or peer-to-peer groups to help students further develop and apply writing skills to their work and the work of others.


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Student Worktext (eWorktext Available)

The student worktext combines grammar and writing practice in one student-friendly, consumable book. Students will find age-appropriate illustrations that enhance both the writing and grammar chapters. The worktext provides writing models, teacher-guided practice, independent practice, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews. The handbook in the back of the worktext provides a thesaurus and information about English grammar conventions.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides a variety of teaching strategies organized around each phase of the teaching cycle—Engage, Instruct, Apply, and Assess. Seven chapters focus on standard English conventions, and one chapter focuses on study and research skills. Six writing chapters follow the fivestep writing process to guide students in writing poetry, narratives, opinion pieces, and informational texts. Teaching guides help teachers direct lesson activities that strengthen skills in visual and digital literacy, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Assessments and assessments answer key are also available.

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