Science 4 Fifth Edition

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Learn More about Life

Empower your students to learn about life through the context of a biblical worldview. Science 4 (5th edition) enables students to discover living things, energy, and the earth’s surface by using their scientific knowledge, inquiry skills, and engineering skills. This course also explores plants, animals, humans, waves, and natural resources and further analyzes their cycles and patterns. Students will discover more of the world around them and deepen their knowledge of the Creator.

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How We Teach Science 4

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Effective Questioning

Science 4 uses the Socratic method to lead students to logical conclusions based on what they already know. Teachers will guide students by using insightful questions to help them discover, analyze, and discuss the material being covered in each lesson.

STEM Learning

This course uses a STEM approach to refine students’ academic skills and prepare them for versatile careers. Through experimentation, inquiry, and project- and problem-based learning, students will examine problems from multiple angles and select the best additional or alternative skill sets to bring about the best solution.

Visual Analysis

Science 4 guides students in analyzing diagrams, photos, illustrations, graphs, and maps. Students will learn to investigate and pull key pieces of data from multiple sources. They will also develop their skills in selecting appropriate scientific methods for resolving problems.


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Student Edition (eTextbook available)

The student edition guides students to examine scientific concepts through the lens of a biblical worldview. Students will learn both where our world came from and how it has progressed since its creation. They will also learn to defend the truth that God created all things and sustains all life.

Student Activities (eWorktext available)

The activities book will deepen students’ understanding as they encounter new scientific concepts. Reinforcement and enrichment pages include pictures and questions to strengthen students’ comprehension. Each chapter includes a study guide to provide a systematic review of key concepts and prepare students for the chapter assessment. Enrichment pages also provide differentiated learning opportunities. The activities will also guide students as they form approaches to real-life problems, use scientific inquiry skills, and implement the engineering-design process.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides multiple techniques for delivering the lesson material. Teachers will be able to nurture student growth through a process of engagement, instruction, application, and assessment. Teachers will also facilitate collaborative and cooperative learning, projectbased learning, the use of technology. The teacher edition offers assessments to test students’ understanding as well as diagrams and photos for visual analysis.

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