Heritage Studies 4 Fourth Edition

the Heritage Studies 4 textbooks

American History through Scripture’s Eyes

Take your students on a tour of the United States. Heritage Studies 4 enables students to summarize American history as well as analyze the cultures of America’s states, regions, and territories. Students will learn to examine individual actions, pivotal decisions, and cultural movements from a biblical worldview. This course also teaches students to assess the impact of the Christian faith on American culture and form a biblical worldview on the topics of environment, citizenship, and economics.

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How We Teach Heritage Studies 4

a sample page about Yellowstone National Park a sample page showing a literary selection

Geographic Layout

The course content is organized according to the major regions and sub-regions of the United States and includes all fifty states along with the five inhabited United States territories. Each chapter in the student edition provides an overview of a specific region followed by discussions of each state in that region.

Scenic Visuals

The course includes numerous captivating illustrations including maps, artwork, infographics, and more, to create an appealing book that students will enjoy. Full-page illustrations also invite students to experience unique aspects of culture in a state or territory. The overall look and feel of the course builds on the previous Heritage Studies courses as well as other fourth grade subject materials

Literary Insights

Each chapter includes a literature or music selection which represents the region being covered. These excerpts will give students emotional and intriguing insights into the history, environment, and culture of each region.

State Notebook Activities

Each chapter concludes with a state notebook lesson that discusses a general aspect of a state’s history, government, economy, environment, or culture in-depth. Students will then explore that particular aspect in a state of their choice. By the end of the academic year, students will have constructed a state notebook with detailed discussions of multiple facets of their chosen state.


Student Edition

The student edition leads students through an organized study of American states and territories by geographic region. Engaging lessons give students unique insights into the history, religion, and culture of each region. The student edition also contains numerous feature boxes highlighting physical landmarks, notable figures, cultural aspects, and more! Each chapter also includes a literature or music selection to give students a sense of the hardships and dreams of peoples within a specific region.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition features a four-step teaching cycle—engage, instruct, apply, and assess—along with numerous exciting activities that will inspire critical thinking in students. Teachers will be able to deliver lesson content aided by games and videos on Teacher Tools Online. The teacher edition also includes select boxes for differentiated instruction to assist students with varied learning styles.


The student activities offers opportunities for students to apply higher-level thinking skills, use graphic organizers, label maps, and more. It also includes chapter reviews and study guides.


The assessments packet includes eleven chapter tests as well as designated quizzes for each chapter.

Answers to the student activities and assessments are also available.

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