Heritage Studies 3 Fourth Edition

the Heritage Studies 3 textbooks
African men building and a woman in traditional Russian dress

Heritage Studies 3: World Regions introduces students to the cultures of the world with an active, visually engaging study of the major world regions. In studying new cultures, students will explore the governments, geography, climates, economics, cultures, and religions of each region. Special features highlighting folktale, foreign languages, and missionary stories bring other cultures and locations to life. Teaching materials include a variety of teaching strategies for developing social studies skills and introducing students to primary and secondary sources.

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How We Teach Heritage Studies 3

Cultural Diversity

This course will teach students to appreciate other cultures, interpret the world using a biblical framework, and practice responsible citizenship.

Geographical Literacy

Students will work with globes, maps, and graphs to learn geography skills and terminology.

a sample page about telling a Chinese folktale


Students will read folktales from each world region that will help them to consider the beliefs and practices of people in other cultures.

Language Features

As they study peoples and places around the world, students will also practice speaking other languages to develop an appreciation for language study.

Source Materials

Activities and special features will introduce students to reading and evaluating primary and secondary sources.


a sample page showing a world map of the continents and regions

Student Edition

The student edition introduces students to the major world regions by exploring the government, geography, climate, economics, cultures, and religions of each one. Students will find engaging visuals and stories that introduce them to different cultures, as well as missionary features that show how God is at work building His kingdom around the world.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides questions and teaching strategies to help teachers guide the students in understanding the material and developing social studies skills. Teachers will find notes, activities, and discussion guides for helping students to meet learning objectives and biblical worldview shaping goals.


The student activities book provides practice pages to reinforce lesson objectives. Activity pages include graphic organizers, interactive maps, study guides, and enrichment pages to help students practice and apply social studies skills.

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