Bible 3 First Edition

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Develop a Deeper Understanding

Further students’ development of a biblical worldview with foundational truths. Bible 3: Truths for Life builds on Bible 1 and Bible 2 and continues to lay a solid biblical foundation for students. This course uses a variety of teaching strategies and songs to deepen students’ understanding of biblical truths. As the final course in the Truths for Life series, Bible 3 will review the previous 93 catechisms and introduce an additional 54.

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How We Teach Bible 3

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Teaching Truths through Stories

This course avoids a moralistic, oversimplified approach by learning and applying biblical principles from key Bible stories. Bible 3 introduces students to important biblical principles and then shows them how to arrive at those principles from key Bible stories.

Captivating Artwork

Artwork in the student worktext will captivate and engage students. Most Bible stories include several corresponding visuals that will help further explain the content, using realistic art for Bible accounts that is age-appropriate and appealing to add interest and engagement in the lesson.

Key Themes

Each of the new catechisms in the course will revolve around six worldview-shaping themes: God, the Fall, Christ, salvation and redemption, Christian living, and the end times.


an illustration of Jews reading the Scriptures on the Sabbath

Student Worktext (eWorktext available)

The student worktext uses active learning strategies and visual analysis to help students understand and apply the lesson content. It also includes biblical-worldview discussions on multiple topics including identity, purpose, and morality. Lastly, this course offers multiple special sections to help students connect with and apply the truths they have learned.

Teacher Edition

Each Bible lesson typically includes three days of instruction. It will also include age-appropriate definitions, memory verses, and object lessons to help present the content in a way students can connect with. The teacher edition includes hands-on activities to engage interest and multiple assessments to gauge student understanding. It also includes a list of all 147 Bible truths, sheet music for each Bible Truth song, and instructional aids.

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