Physics Fourth Edition

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Engage in the Work of Physics

Enable your students to handle problems involving motion and matter. Physics (4th edition) equips students to ethically engage in the work of physics through a program of instruction, practice, inquiry, and engineering design based on real-world problems. Students will extend their knowledge and skills through strategic modeling and practice, case studies, evaluation of scientific models, and ethics activities. They will also be able to collect and analyze data as well as create their own models using discovery labs, inquiry labs, and collaborative STEM experiences.

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How We Teach Physics

Discovery through Questions

The student and teacher editions provide essential questions for each section of the lesson content that guide students as they learn. These questions enable class discussions revolving around worldview issues. They also help students to activate prior learning and integrate it with new concepts.

Real-World Applications

Physics includes multiple real-world scenarios discussed in chapter openers, ethics boxes, case studies, and labs. Lab experiences reinforce the lesson content and provide opportunities to practice newly acquired skills. A holistic STEM approach also helps students use multiple disciplines in solving real-world problems.

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Ethical Considerations

This course includes multiple questioning strategies that encourage students to measure scientific practices against biblical principles. Students also consider appropriate biblical outcomes and motivations with regard to scientific methods.

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Student Edition (eTextbook available)

The student edition includes multiple features that aid student learning. All chapters include openers, ethics boxes, case studies, and STEM-related and STEM career-related discussions. The student edition engages students with multiple opportunities for discussion and application. The course content is engineered to help students mature from simply taking a science course to engaging with the scientific world around them and progressing in their assessments of current scientific practices.

Student Lab Manual

The lab manual features a minimum of at least one lab per chapter in the student edition. A variety of labs enables teachers to select the lab activities most advantageous for their students and most suitable for the lab environment available to them. These projects will also include STEM and inquiry activities to give students a taste for real-world laboratory work.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition employs numerous strategies to aid student learning. In addition to a cycle of engagement, instruction, application, and assessment, teachers will be able to use multiple demonstrations and activities to deliver the course material. Socratic questioning, graphic exercises, and mathematical reasoning also serve to guide students through the lesson content.

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