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Empower Wise Living

Guide your high school students to live wisely. Ethics helps students to grow in virtue and think Christianly so that they can make wise ethical choices and defend the faith from a biblical worldview. Students will learn to compare and contrast various ethical systems, relate biblical wisdom to a variety of ethical situations, and defend biblical Christianity in a culture of competing truth claims and diverse lifestyles.

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How We Teach Ethics

a sample page about the basis for ethics a sample page relating ethics to philosophy

Beginning with Reflection and Discussion

Daily lessons begin with insightful discussions and reflections to enable students to review prior knowledge and prepare for new lesson content. Brief writing projects and collaborative research also serve to maximize student interest.

Examining from Multiple Angles

Multiple forms of instruction enable teachers to deliver lesson content in effective ways. Direct instruction, presentation of misconceptions, and classroom discussions help students absorb and process ethical values in impactful ways.

Evaluating Both Character and Circumstances

This course emphasizes a biblical view of common cultural issues and Christlike character development. Multiple case studies, doctrinal dilemmas, and ethical issues will guide students through assessing individuals’ choices along with the pressures of cultural situations.

Assessing on a Personal Level

Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate comprehension of lesson content. Applicational exercises, interviews, and Scripture memory verses will enable students to address complicated ethical issues with skillful use of scriptural principles.


an illustration of the uselessness of self-help sayings against the storms of life

Student Edition

The student edition skillfully presents the course content with numerous scenarios for direct application. “Thinking It Through” section reviews, case studies, and chapter reviews will help students review critical concepts and apply those concepts to real life encounters.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition offers multiple methods for content delivery along with some options for differentiated instruction. Teachers will have access to enrichment resources, including BJU Press videos, through Teacher Tools Online.


The Student Activities contains numerous opportunities for applying lesson content including a prayer journal, role-playing interviews, and Scripture memory exercises.


There are 13 designated unit tests for this course. Customizable assessments are available on ExamView.

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