Writing & Grammar 10 Fifth Edition

the Writing & Grammar 10 textbooks

Empower Advanced Communication

Enhance your high school students’ abilities to communicate. The Writing & Grammar 10 course functions as the Year of the Essay focusing grammar skills and strategies in writing, speaking, and listening so students can write compelling essays grounded in a biblical worldview. Students will be able to apply effective writing, revising, and critical thinking strategies in interactive workshops; create informative, persuasive, and narrative texts; craft engaging presentations, and apply a biblical view of identity, logic, integrity, and judgment.

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How We Teach Writing & Grammar 10

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Insightful Introductions

Spontaneous writing assignments and student discussion reveal understanding of previous lesson content and focus attention on upcoming lessons. Exciting videos and team activities also pique student interest.

Varied Instruction

Multiple forms of instruction enhance classroom instruction. Thought-provoking discussions, class presentations, thinking aloud activities and more, help students process, discuss, and present new information. Sample texts also challenge students to infer grammar and writing techniques from various examples.

Diligent Applications

Numerous practice sessions help students implement the concepts taught in each lesson. Students also have designated times to draft, revise, and present their own written work.

Consistent Assessment

Ungraded impromptu writing assignments and roundtable discussions help students demonstrate their comprehension of the lesson content. Exercises and reviews in the student worktext also enable students to apply grammar concepts and prepare for chapter tests.


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Student Worktext

Students will have numerous opportunities to process and apply grammar and writing techniques. Designated reviews and instructional strategies will help teachers assess student readiness for upcoming assessments.

Teacher Edition

Classroom instructors will have numerous resources for content delivery at their disposal. The teacher edition contains methods for differentiated instruction as well as access to online videos on Teacher Tools Online and QR codes to AfterSchoolHelp.com.


Eight chapter tests are designated for this course along with additional tools for preassessment and concept reinforcement.

Answers to the student assessments are available.

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