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Help your students take the next step in formulating a biblical worldview. Bible Doctrines explores doctrines in all the major doctrinal categories to help students apply principles of Bible study so they can learn how to formulate doctrinal positions according to biblical teaching and apply those positions to their own lives. Students' beliefs affect not only how they live in the world but also how they interact with their culture. With a strong foundation for a biblical worldview, students can go into the world confident in what they believe and why, so they can face unflinching all the snares of the Devil.

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How We Teach Bible Doctrines

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Formulate Doctrinal Positions

Students will read, study, and memorize Scripture to formulate their positions in all the major doctrinal categories: the Bible, God the Father, the Son, the Spirit, man, sin, angels, salvation, the people of God, and last things.

Evaluate Beliefs and Dilemmas

Using prior knowledge and collaboration with their peers, students will analyze and evaluate biblical data to come up with answers to pressing questions.

Defend a Biblical Worldview

As they gain confidence in their beliefs and values, students will learn to confront the false or extrabiblical claims of other worldviews that they will encounter throughout their lives.

Apply Doctrines to Their Walk with God

Every step of the way, students will be encouraged to connect doctrinal conclusions to Christian living. Students will consistently be asked to apply what they’re learning to their lives and to engage their affections in what they’re learning through activities like prayer journaling.


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Student Edition

The student edition invites students to investigate Bible passages and supporting material that form the foundations for major doctrines so they can formulate their own doctrinal positions and find biblical answers to pressing questions and doctrinal dilemmas.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition equips educators to guide students in gathering biblical data, organizing it, harmonizing the data into a conclusion, and relating doctrinal conclusions to one another. Teachers follow the teaching cycle, which provides a variety of strategies to assist students as they analyze and evaluate doctrinal claims in the light of Scripture.


The student activities guide students in practicing Bible study skills and in connecting doctrinal conclusions to application. Students also study memory verses to relate them to their lives and can worship the Lord by journaling prayers in response to the doctrines they’re learning.

Activities answer key, assessments, and assessments answer key are also available.

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