Reading 1 Fifth Edition

the Reading 1 textbooks

Cultivating a Love for Reading

Start your students on a lifelong journey of reading. Reading 1 serves to nurture student decoding and comprehension skills so they can read a variety of genres with fluency, enjoyment, and discernment. Starting with foundational phonemic awareness and phonics skills, students build fluency and comprehension, recognize words using visual and textual cues, and broaden their vocabulary. They will also learn to apply a variety of reading strategies and literary skills to appropriate grade-level stories and poems and communicate effectively through oral reading and responsive writing. Students will learn to evaluate texts through the biblical themes of loving God and others, helpfulness, courage, perseverance, joy, and creativity.

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a sample page showing a poem with illustration

How We Teach Reading 1

a sample page showing an 'after reading' section

Starting with Play

Students will enjoy exciting games and songs that grab their attention and prepare them for new reading concepts. Occasional exciting videos on Teacher Tools Online help students to review what they know and prepare to learn new material.

Reading to Understand

Students are encouraged to read a text silently, guided by insightful comprehension questions, before being asked to read aloud. The student edition is also designed to enhance student learning. Each page is thoughtfully designed to communicate the context and mood of each selection.

Asking Smart Questions

Teachers will lead students through multiple critical-thinking activities. Students will evaluate the choices of literary characters from a biblical worldview and consider how numerous biblical themes are shown in the stories that they read.

Reviewing and Reflecting

Review questions and critical-thinking questions help students consider the messages of the stories they read and the values portrayed in the literature. Activities pages also help students reflect on and evaluate what they read.


Student Edition

The student edition is uniquely crafted for an engaging educational experience with ageappropriate reading selections and delightful artwork. Every selection also features a “Before Reading” page highlighting a different literary skill, reading strategy, or valuable background knowledge for context. Additional questions are included for discussion, and numerous selections include background information on the work’s author.

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Teacher Edition

The teacher edition empowers the instructor to deliver the course content to students with a variety of interests and learning styles. Lesson content and critical-thinking questions are included in a clearly organized layout. The teacher edition provides suggestions for differentiated instructional strategies to be used in reading groups with students of varying ability levels.


The student activities features numerous review activities to reinforce and measure student comprehension. Each lesson features both teacher-led activities and independent exercises for students to complete on their own. Activities pages also enable students to practice literary skills and respond to literature through writing or drawing.


Four assessments are included in the back of the teacher edition to be used with the last four units to measure student ability and growth throughout the year. Additional rubrics are included for a broad assessment of student progress.

Answers to the student activities and assessments are available.

Reading 1 is included in the first-grade language arts program along with Spelling 1 and Phonics & English 1.

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