Bible 1 First Edition

the Bible 1 textbooks

Start with the Foundations

Begin preparing your students for a deep and lasting relationship with Christ! This Bible course covers a non-denominational catechism with 43 question-and-answer statements for students to memorize. Each Bible truth will be introduced through illustrated and interactive Bible stories, songs, memory verses, and much more. Each Bible story will begin teaching students the foundational doctrines for the Christian faith. Teaching materials include lesson plans with a variety of strategies, activities, and additional resources for guiding students in taking the first step in learning how to study their Bibles and apply it to their lives.

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How We Teach Bible 1

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Interactive Bible Stories

Each lesson will include an illustrated Bible story that helps introduce and teach one of the 43 Bible truths. The Bible stories teach biblical events, introduce Bible characters, and allow students to practice and apply visual analysis.

Collaborative Learning

Teaching notes and guides recommend collaborative activities for students to interact and share as they discuss Bible stories, learn Bible doctrines, and share the gospel with each other.

Application Questions

Instead of simply memorizing a question and response, students will be encouraged to critically think about the Bible stories and how they lead to each Bible truth and how those truths apply to their lives. Application questions in daily lesson reviews prepare students for the changing power of the Word of God.


an illustration of King David welcoming Mephibosheth

Student Worktext

The student worktext provides direct practice and application for students learning Bible truths. This Bible program sets children on a path for early Bible learning by developing memory skills and building the foundations of a biblical worldview on a first-grade level.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition is the educator’s resource for guiding students through the first 43 Bible truths of the elementary program and helping first-grade students apply those truths to their lives.

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