Elementary Spanish Kit A

Pasaporte al españolprovides easy instructions for teaching three levels of Spanish. Sixty-four lessons per step combine listening, speaking, reading, and writing and offer ideas for demonstrating actions and modeling language functions with a Spanish family, the Garcías. Colored text gives English translations.
  • Teaching Charts guide discussions about countries, songs, Bible verses, and vocabulary.
  • Audio CDs record native speakers modeling vocabulary and conversations. Spanish songs keep students practicing grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation long after they’ve completed the program.
  • Read-aloud Books present words and structures with beautiful illustrations that provide a rich context and inspiration for discussion. Sample questions in each book check comprehension.
  • Worktext Steps 1 through 3 are also included and encourage the students to demonstrate their progress through a variety of age-appropriate activities.
  • Choco, a hedgehog hand puppet, invites increased student participation as he learns with the students.
  • 8 DVDs from our award-winning Distance Learning program contain all the lessons for Step 1. These 15-minute lessons cover vocabulary, listening-comprehension skills, culture, worktext activities, and songs.
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