BJ Booklinks

Reading supplementary novels as an integral part of the reading program allows for broader reading opportunities and greater skill development. Select one or more books listed in the front of each Reading teacher’s edition. Or for further flexibility, select from the titles listed in the chart below. The books in this chart have been generally arranged according to the ease of readability. See more information on Lexile Measurements.

Each BJ Booklink includes a pocket folder with lesson plans and reproducible work pages for developing literature and comprehension skills. It also includes directions for enrichment activities, linking the novels to content areas (science, Heritage Studies, math) and life skills (cooking, music, crafts). A copy of the novel is needed for each student.

Lexile typical text measures by grade:

  1. Grade 1—230L to 415L
  2. Grade 2—450L to 565L
  3. Grade 3—600L to 725L
  4. Grade 4—645L to 780L
  5. Grade 5—730L to 845L
  6. Grade 6—860L to 920L
  7. Grade 7—880L to 960L
  8. Grade 8—900L to 1010L
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