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BJU Press textbooks and teacher resources are designed to support the essential work of Christian education—an academically rigorous education with a thoroughly biblical worldview.

We'd love for you to take a closer look at our materials to see if they would support your curricular goals. Using the form below, you can request exam (review) copies. Providing the required information will allow us to get these books to you soon as well as to show you the associated technology resources.

Our examination process is designed to be as hassle-free as possible and give you the time you need to make a decision. You will receive an invoice for the items you are examining but it will not be due for at least 90 days and will include no shipping charges. When you have made your decision, pay for the items you wish to keep and return any items that don’t fit your needs. If you contact us, we can even provide no-cost return shipping labels for you.

How do I order an exam kit?

Please contact your Precept territory manager or educational sales consultant, call customer service at 800.845.5731, or fill out the form below.

Which subjects are available for exam orders?

You can order an exam kit for any subject in any grade.

How long may I keep the exam kit materials?

These exam materials are available to you at no charge for 90 days. (A temporary invoice will be sent, but you will not be charged until the deadline passes.)

How can I get more information?

Please call customer service at 800.845.5731. We will be happy to answer your questions, assist you with your order, or direct you to your territory manager for more convenient service. Your territory manager is also available to conduct free, informative workshops at your school.

How do I return the exam kit?

If you decide not to purchase these products, simply return them to us. Free return shipping is available through your territory manager.

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