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Testing & Evaluation Shipping Information

Time ranges listed below indicate the days (or weeks) in transit after an order is shipped. All shipping options will receive priority processing—the order should ship within 2 business days—unless otherwise noted.

United States and APO/FPO

Standard shipping to the United States, including military and territories, is automatically included at no extra cost.

  United States APO/FPO
Estimated Transit Time1 1-day Air 2-day Air Express Mail (3 days)2
under $1000 value 20% ($50 minimum) 10% ($30 minimum) 25% ($35 minimum)
$1000–$2000 value 15% 10% 10%
over $2000 value 10% 5% 5%

1Days in transit after order is shipped.

2Time to APO/FPO exit port.

Picking up an Order

Testing & Evaluation orders are available for pickup at the BJU Press Customer Service front desk. Please allow a minimum of 2 business days for the tester to pick up the order.

Canada and International

Canada International
Estimated Transit Time1   Estimated Transit Time1  
USPS (7 days)2, 3 25% ($12.50 minimum) USPS (2–3 weeks)3 35% ($20 minimum)
UPS 2–3 days (add GST) 35% ($35 minimum) UPS (2–5 days) 50% ($85 minimum)

1Days in transit after order is shipped.

2 U.S. Mail; the customer is responsible for brokerage and GST.

3This shipping option does not receive priority processing.

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