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Testing Solutions is an eNews sent from BJU Press Testing & Evaluation. It offers resources for customers and test administrators as well as testing tips and reminders.
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Articles from Testing Solutions

Measuring students

Measuring Up

Achievement tests are a great way to track academic growth from year to year. The scores provide lots of helpful information for planning your school year without making it necessary for you to absorb it all at once. Where do you start?

To-Do list on a clipboard

Shipping Disasters—Do's and Don'ts

Thank you so much for testing with us this year! If you've been fretting over test scores or worrying about percentile ranks, rest assured—the scores will be there soon. Meanwhile, it's a hidden danger that keeps us up at night—the dangerous ride your materials take on their way back to us! Here's a peek at our deepest fear and some tips to keep it from coming true with your package.


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