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Testing Customer Support

Test Administrator

Every year test administrators must update their tester profile by January 31 in order to remain active for that calendar year. If your test administrator status has expired, however, you can reactivate your profile at any time.

You should receive an email reminding you of the deadline, so please make sure that we have your current email address on file.

Test Administrator Quick Links

Applying & qualifying
Stanford 10 Training Video

Updating your profile
2015 Tester Update Letter  


New to testing? Let us help you get started.

  • Choose a test series. The Stanford is an untimed test, while The Iowa Tests® have a newer copyright date and can test more grade levels simultaneously. Both have an option to add a learning-abilities companion test.
  • Find an approved tester. Search our Test Administrator Directory for a pre-approved tester in your area, or apply to become a test administrator yourself.
  • Select practice materials. The most popular materials are Better Test Scores.
  • Place your order. Practice materials typically ship in 3–4 days; test materials ship to your tester about 2 weeks ahead of the test date. Order four weeks ahead to take advantage of free ground shipping.
  • Check your scores online. Scores are available online 10 business days after we receive your materials.* You will get an email notification when they are ready.

*Please allow an extra 2 weeks during May and June due to high volume.

Private School

When ordering tests for your school, you can choose either to purchase the tests or to get service package tests. Keep reading for more information, or visit the Stanford tests page or The Iowa Tests® page.


  • Keep your materials and reuse them next year—purchase only what you need to supplement your test inventory
  • Pricing varies depending on what you order
  • Your order ships shortly after you place it
  • Purchase scoring separately

Service Package

  • No need to worry about storing and reusing materials for the next year—you ship everything back
  • Pay a flat rate for each student you are testing
  • Includes everything you need to test (even scoring)
  • Your order ships 2–5 weeks ahead of test date
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