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Algebra Aptitude | BJU Press Testing & Evaluation

The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test can help you as a parent to determine if your child is ready for Algebra 1.

The four parts of the test include:

  • Interpreting mathematical information
  • Translating to symbols
  • Finding relationships
  • Using symbols

The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test:

  • Takes about an hour.
  • Is self-scored, with tables for converting raw scores to standard scores, percentile ranks, and stanines.
  • Booklets must be returned within 21 days after the test date in the provided envelope.
  • Can be shipped only to an approved tester.

The results of this test, combined with the child’s demonstrated proficiency in standard math, determine the student’s readiness for Algebra 1.

If your student scores low on the aptitude test or feels hesitant about any math concepts, you should consider using a pre-algebra course before beginning Algebra 1.

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