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achievement tests

Achievement Tests | BJU Press Testing & Evaluation

Both home educators and traditional educators can use achievement tests to compare test scores with other students’ test scores, reveal possible academic strengths and weaknesses, and assess your students’ reasoning skills and knowledge of concepts and subject matter taught at their grade level.

BJU Press Testing & Evaluation provides only the most reliable achievement tests, including the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10) and The Iowa Tests® (ITBS®/ITED®) and their corresponding abilities tests (OLSAT® and CogAT®). These are nationally-normed, standardized achievement tests that are available for both homeschoolers and private schools year-round.

Homeschools, get started in 5 easy steps

  1. Determine your test administrator
    You or another individual will need to become the test administrator. The publishers of both the Stanford 10 and ITBS/ITED require that testers become approved by submitting an online application. If you would like to find a tester in your area, you can search for one in our Tester Locator.
  2. Order online or fill out an order form
    Orders should be submitted 4–6 weeks before your test date. Priority shipping is available for an extra fee.
  3. Conduct the testing
  4. Return the materials
    The tester has up to 21 days after the test date to return the materials.
  5. Review test results
    Once testing materials have been returned to our office, you will receive electronic scores in 10 business days (allow 2 extra weeks in May and June). We will notify the test purchaser when the results are ready for review online.

Private Schools, get started in 5 easy steps

Private schools that are leasing should use the instructions for homeschoolers above. Private schools that are purchasing should use the instructions below.

  1. Order your materials
    Your school administrator will be required to electronically sign a contractual agreement during the checkout process.
  2. Conduct the testing
  3. Order scoring
  4. Mail answer documents
    Submit answer documents for scoring within 21 days of the test date.
  5. Review test results
    Once the answer documents have been received in our office, you will receive electronic scores in 10 business days (allow 2 extra weeks in May and June).

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