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Testing and Evaluation

Testing Materials for Homeschoolers

Shopping for homeschool testing materials? Visit us on to order your materials.

BJU Press Testing & Evaluation has been providing quality testing service since 1984. Why go anywhere else?

Knowledgeable Staff

For over 30 years, BJU Press Testing & Evaluation has provided our customers with experienced staff who are dedicated to serving homeschools and private schools by assisting them with a quality testing experience.

Extensive Selection

We offer a wide variety of testing materials, including achievement and abilities tests, test-prep, and more.

Fast Service

Test results in two weeks or less. (Allow additional time in May and June.)


Please Update Tester Profiles!

If your school tests using the Service Package option, please make sure each tester has renewed his status by January 15, 2018. For step-by-step instructions on updating a tester profile (a process that should be done annually), please see the Test Administrator page. You can also view testing guidelines and policies by reading our User Agreement.

Performance Profile for Form E

Many of our customers have been asking for a Performance Profile for Form E. We’ve heard your requests, and tests taken in Fall of 2017 will receive this report, starting on September 1.

Stanford 10 Update for Schools

Although the publisher of the Stanford 10 had previously announced that the test was being retired, we have received word that this retirement has been cancelled. The test will continue to be available until a new retirement date is set. Because of the age of the Stanford 10 and because a retirement date is uncertain, we still recommend considering The Iowa Tests®/Iowa Assessments™. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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