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Teacher Tools Online from BJU Press

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Good teachers are always looking for better ways to better explain or illustrate their subject matter. Within Teacher Tools Online (TTO), BJU Press's premium resource site, teachers can access videos, editable PowerPoints, and textbook artwork to support classroom instruction. A TTO subscription also includes an electronic teacher's edition, test answer keys, editable lesson plans, and links to other free resources.


With over 17,000 pieces of artwork, charts, graphs, and maps at their disposal, teachers can easily create captivating presentations, bulletin boards, and handouts. Teachers can also bring informative and amusing video clips into the classroom.

Lesson Prep

Teachers will find useful lesson prep tools in TTO. Over 4, 400 complete, editable PowerPoint presentations and lesson-plan overviews are available for teachers to customize. Also, all the materials from the Teacher Tool Kit CDs are included in TTO.


TTO includes a PDF of the Teacher's Edition as well as a MediaSuite edition of the Student Textbook. The MediaSuite edition is a fully customizable version of the Student Text that integrates with any Interative Whiteboard technology.


Many courses in TTO include a database of assessment questions that can be used with Respondus® software. Some subjects also include ExamView® databases.


Teachers can interact with other BJU Press users and share resources and ideas.

Teacher Tools Online is currently available for:

  • Heritage Studies 1–12
  • Math 1–12
  • Science 1–12
  • English, Writing & Grammar 1–12
  • Reading & Literature 1–12

See a complete list of all TTO courses available.

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