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Check out a page from the Reading 5 Student Text

a page from the Reading 5 Student Text

The Materials for Reading 5

Reading 5 Student Text

Provides engaging reading material for the 5th grade level. Presented in a colorful, richly illustrated format, the literature selections help students build reading comprehension and cultivate an appreciation of literature.

Reading 5 Teacher's Edition

Helps your student strengthen his reading and critical thinking skills as he studies classic literature excerpts and character-building stories.

Reading 5 Student Worktext

Provides a variety of exercises which allow students to demonstrate their reading comprehension and enrich their understanding of the literature selections they read in Reading 5 Student Text. An "Author Scrapbook" provides interesting facts and information about various authors. Phonics activity pages located in the back of the book provide valuable practice and review.

Reading 5 Worktext Teacher's Edition

Provides overprinted answers of Reading 5 Student Worktext for convenient evaluation and grading. Select worktext exercises include teacher’s notes, and each worksheet includes lesson goals and text references in footnotes.

Reading 5 Tests

Includes one reproducible test for each chapter as well as suggestions for grading. Each test includes application of the concepts and skills from the chapter. Assessments are available with Teacher’s Editions, through Teacher Tools Online, and through separate purchases. Assessment packets include teacher instructions, answer keys with overprinted answers, and reproducible tests.

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