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Check out a page from the Reading 4 Student Text

a page from the Reading 4 Student Text

The Materials for Reading 4

Reading 4 Student Text

Encourage students to increase reading comprehension through the engaging selections found in the Reading 4 materials from BJU Press. Reading 4 Student Text contains beautifully illustrated stories, poems, essays, and more that will delight your student and inspire a love of reading. The included reading selections have been carefully chosen to encourage a biblical worldview and to develop Christian character. The textbook also helps develop critical thinking skills, increase vocabulary, and strengthen other literary skills.

Reading 4 Teacher's Edition

Reading 4 Teacher's Edition prepares your child with classic literature excerpts, character-building stories, and activities that develop research and literary skills and strengthen him for the increased academic demands of the future. The Teacher's Edition Set includes full-color student pages with accompanying discussion questions and teaching strategies.

Reading 4 Student Worktext

Reading 4: I Met You in a Story Student Worktext provides a variety exercises where students can demonstrate reading comprehension of the stories they read and enrich their understanding of the selections presented in the text. Students will also practice vocabulary, pronunciation and syllable division exercises.

Reading 4 Worktext Teacher's Edition

Reading 4 Worktext Teacher’s Edition provides overprinted answers of the student worktext for convenient student evaluation and grading. The teacher’s edition also includes teacher’s notes for select exercises. Lesson goals and references to the corresponding literature selection in the text are located in the footnotes of each page. Corresponds with Reading 4 Student Worktext.

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