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Distance Learning Solutions | BJU Press

BJU Press Science Textbooks

Promote a Biblical Worldview

Much of modern scientific thought is influenced by an anti-God bias. We teach students to carefully analyze the theories they will encounter and to reject error in favor of pure truth and scientific fact. Every science textbook points out the infinite wisdom and designing hand of God in His creation and its laws.

Encourage Interactive Learning

BJU Press Science encourages hands-on learning with science labs and activities. Stories of great scientists and their discoveries help students see the practical ways science can be applied. Students are encouraged to think about modern scientific issues such as cancer, pollution, and energy and practice creative problem-solving skills.

Support the Christian Teacher

Since science is a challenging subject, we have provided extra support for the teacher. Extensive margin notes with background information, complete solutions for problems, concise lesson plans, and CDs containing supplemental materials help teachers plan enriching lessons.

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