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TestBuilder 3.0

Testbuilder 3.0

TestBuilder 3.0 software allows you to select test questions from a database, add your own questions and print a test and key. Testbuilder 3.0 includes the capability to insert graphics, math objects and font changes in tests. This CD-ROM contains tests for the subjects available at the time of production. Once loaded this software is nonreturnable and nonrefundable unless defective, in which case BJU Press will replace it with an identical product. (TestBuilder 3 is not compatible with TestBuilder 1; however databases from TestBuilder 2, as well as tests you may have created with TestBuilder 2 are compatible with TestBuilder 3)

Note: This product is for Windows only

Additional Databases

Subject Areas available on TestBuilder 3.0

The following databases are included in the CD-ROM:

Heritage Studies

  • American Republic (2nd ed.)
  • American Republic (3rd ed.)
  • American Government (2nd ed.)
  • Economics (1st ed.)
  • Economics (2nd ed.)
  • Geography (3rd ed.)
  • U.S. History (3rd ed.)
  • World History (3rd ed.)
  • World Studies (2nd ed.)
  • World Studies (3rd ed.)

Writing & Grammar

  • Writing & Grammar 7 (3rd ed.)
  • Writing & Grammar 8 (3rd ed.)
  • Writing & Grammar 9 (3rd ed.)
  • Writing & Grammar 10 (3rd ed.)
  • Writing & Grammar 11 (2nd ed.)
  • Writing & Grammar 11 (3rd ed.)
  • Writing & Grammar 12 (2nd ed.)


  • American Literature (2nd ed.)
  • British Literature (2nd ed.)
  • Elements of Literature (2nd ed.)
  • Excursions in Literature (3rd ed.)
  • Explorations in Literature (3rd ed.)
  • Fundamentals of Literature (Updated 1st ed.)
  • Fundamentals of Literature (2nd ed.)


  • Life Science (3rd ed.)
  • Physical Science (4th ed.)
  • Chemistry (3rd ed.)
  • Biology (3rd ed.)
  • Biology (4th ed.)
  • Physics (3rd ed.)


  • Family Life Skills (2nd ed.)
  • Health (1st ed.)


  • Fundamentals of Math (2nd ed.)
  • Pre-Algebra (2nd ed.)


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