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Unit Seven: Challenge | United States History

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Chapter 23: The Postwar Era (1945-1963)


  • Cold War—(Cold War Museum |—Detailed information with pictures, video clips, and official documents

Harry Truman

Cold War

  • Charter of the United Nations—full text of the Charter; go directly to each chapter
  • The Avalon Project : The Cold War—original documents relating to the Cold War; divided into general diplomacy documents as well as by specific incidents; quite a large collection
  • Berlin Airlift—Provides historical information, personal stories, videos, and links to events
  • The Berlin Airlift: Documents, Images, History—more detailed information on the Berlin Airlift; includes some original documents; information divided into several categories; includes some good pictures
  • Korean War—Covers various areas of the war with detailed information including nations, timeline, pictures, and much more.
  • Korean War (, Map)—detailed maps of the Korean War; general maps as well as campaign specific; map are large size
  • MacArthur to Congress—full text of MacArthur's address to Congress
  • Electronic Briefing Book: The ULTRASENSITIVE Bay of Pigs—several original documents about the Bay of Pigs invasion
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962—detailed chronology of events relating to the missile crisis; helpful glossary of related terms; pictures of people and events as well as reconnaissance photos of Cuba's installation sites
  • Berlin Wall—good information on the history of the Berlin Wall; includes pictures; subjects divided chronologically

Domestic Reform

Life in Postwar America

Chapter 24: The Shattered Society (1963-1973)

JFK Links

Johnson and the Great Society

Nixon and the Silent Majority

Perspectives: The Space Race

Chapter 25: A Nation Adrift (1973-1980)

The Embattled Presidency

Domestic Difficulties

The Ineffectual Presidency

The Rising Conservative Tide

Chapter 26: Resurgence (1981-1992)


  • CNN - Video Almanac—video files by CNN showing important events from the eighties and nineties; uses Quicktime

The Reagan Revolution

The Bush Presidency

Chapter 27: New Challenges (1993-2000)

Early Stumbles

“The Comeback Kid”

The Second Term

Election of 2000

  • Bush v. Gore—full text of the Court's decision; links to concurrent and dissenting opinions; includes links to footnotes and related cases

2000 to the Present

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