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Unit Six: Leadership | United States History

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Chapter 20: The Twenties (1920-1929)

Normalcy and Naiveté

The Mind of the Twenties

  • NATURE: Sled Dogs – Balto—a short article about Balto (see Teacher's Edition note); includes a couple of pictures; links to more information about sled dogs
  • The American Experience | Lindbergh—online information related to a PBS film; includes articles, time lines, biographies, maps, and multimedia features; teacher's guide available too
  • The Sacco and Vanzetti Trial—a good source of information about the case; includes biographies, a chronology, trial transcript (portions), maps, pictures, and additional information
  • American Family Immigration History Center—online records of Ellis Island from 1892 to 1924; easy to use; full membership provides most information but requires payment; free registration still provides good info; actual images of some documents
  • History Files—Al Capone—info on Al Capone by the Chicago Historical Society; includes pictures and artifacts; easy to use and well laid out
  • Al Capone—Information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Scopes Trial Home Page - UMKC School of Law—good info on the Scopes trial and related issues; biographies of trial participants; observer accounts of trial; newspaper articles and cartoons
  • Answers In Genesis—good creationist info and proof against evolution; online articles and webcasts; headed by Ken Hamm
  • Creation Science Evangelism—another good creationist site; look under the seminar online (audio files); slideshows soon available; Dr. Kent Hovind Seminars

From Roar to Ruin

Chapter 21: The Thirties (1929-1939)


  • Great Depression—history of one of the federal government's camps in the depression era; includes personal narratives; photos available; some information looks more researched than others
  • Florida Folklife from the WPA Collections—documents and multimedia related to Florida folklife; several ways to search material
  • Thirties in Print—photographic essays by Hine and Evans; articles from thirties magazines; some documentaries as well
  • The Federalist Papers—full text of all the papers; go directly to each paper; includes titles, authors, and descriptions for each

Hoover Gets the Blame

  • New Deal Network—plenty of photos available in the Library section; lesson plans online; some narratives included

FDR and the New Deal

Worst of Times, Best of Times

Chapter 22: The World at War (1939-1945)


A Time of Tyrants

Isolation and Infamy

Fight for Fortress Europe

War in the Pacific

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