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Unit Two: Forge | United States History

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Chapter 5: The Rising Storm (1689-1770)

Frontier Feuds

French and Indian War

The Growing Rift

Chapter 6: Independence (1770-1783)


The Eve of War

Declaring Independence

Early Campaigns

War in the South

General Revolutionary War Sites

  • The American Revolution—A chronology of events before, during, and after the war
  • LIBERTY! The American Revolution—information related to a PBS series on the Revolution; includes plenty of information; easy to use; some multimedia resources available; online review game
  • Images of the American Revolution—an activity by NARA on interpreting documents in history; shows how bias is present in each view of the Rev. War; uses primary source material

Chapter 7: The Critical Period (1781-1789)

Government by Confederation

A New Charter

Struggle for Ratification

  • The Avalon Project: Federalist Papers—full text of the papers; helpful index includes title, author, publication, and date; part of a Library of Congress site
  • USA: Anti-Federalist Papers—includes title and date of each paper; divided under two categories: The Federal Convention of 1787 and the Ratification of the Constitution

General Resources

Chapter 8: The Federalist Years (1789-1801)

Launching the New Government

Emerging Political Parties

Declining Federalist Influence

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