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General Classroom Resources

  • 2015 Scope & Sequence—Offers an overview of the BJU Press elementary and secondary curriculum, covering concepts, instructional objectives, skills, etc. and the grade levels at which they are taught.
  • TestBuilder—Software for generating tests. Here you can find more information about the software and download updated databases.
  • Better Thinking and ReasoningBetter Thinking and Reasoning by Ron Tagliapietra provides a biblical approach to the principles of logic and offers practical applications for the development of thinking skills. Optional tests for the book are included here.

Website Resources

Link Disclaimer

The fact that a link is listed on this site does not mean that BJU Press endorses its entire contents from the standpoint of ethics, philosophy, theology, or scientific hypotheses. The position of BJU Press on these subjects is well known. In order to provide a useful service to our customers, links to many sites of content relevant to our publications are posted on the basis of the information and/or services that the sites offer.

Due to the transient nature of websites, these links are updated regularly. At the time of publication, all of the web links suggested in our curriculum were active. Since then, some may have been replaced by similar websites or removed from this list. If you have comments, suggestions, questions, or find that one of these resources is no longer in service, please email us.


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