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Bible Truths F: Patterns for Christian Living, 3rd. ed.

Bible F, 3rd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)

Bible Truths F Resources

About Bible Truths F: Patterns for Christian Living, 3rd ed.

Bible Truths F opens with a God-centered account of the Creation, Fall, and Redemption of our world. It then applies this understanding to issues faced by contemporary teens. Moral decision-making, dating, choosing a college, developing relationships, studying the Bible, gender roles, politics, technology, depression, evangelism—the book is relative to where teens are right now.

Bible Integration is key to Christian teaching of the academic disciplines, and BJU Press textbooks have introductions which show how a Christian worldview applies to the given discipline. But in no other book does BJU Press spend so much time building up a Christian worldview directly from Scripture.

Lesson 3

The Jehovah's Witnesses website

Lesson 7

The Smithsonian article that is referenced

Lesson 8

The TIME article that is referenced in the Student text

Lesson 11

The Wikipedia article on the Jefferson Bible

Lesson 20

The D. Martin Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust website

Lesson 23

All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes available from Amazon

Lesson 36

Marriage, A History available from Amazon

Lesson 45

The website for Lakewood church

Lesson 46

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has archived some sermons. You can watch one night of the ‘57 Billy Graham crusade in Madison Square Garden.

Lesson 51

Wikipedia article on Sumer/Sumerians


Minor Corrections

Errata for Bible Truths F, 3rd ed., Student Textpdf document

Errata for Bible Truths F, 3rd ed., Teacher's Editionpdf document

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