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Computers for Your School from the U.S. Military?

Is your Christian school near a military base? This could make you eligible to receive used computers and related equipment through the U. S. Department of Defense Computers for Learning Program.

The program offers used computers and computer equipment free of charge to public, private, and parochial schools that have full K–12 programs and taxexempt status under section 501(c). The equipment includes IBM compatible PCs and Apple brands. Schools need to handle only the arrangements for shipping and transportation of the equipment from a designated location to their campus. To find out whether your school qualifies for this program and the procedure for getting equipment, visit the Defense Reutilization Marketing web site at On the site, look in the middle for the Computers for Learning button on the right and click. Note the Eligibility/ Information link on the left. If you determine that your school is eligible, then click the Private Schools button in the center to register. Or for further assistance, you may call the DRMO Customer Service number 877.352.2255.

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