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Another Tip or Two

Are you always alphabetizing papers and folders?

Save time by assigning consecutive numbers to each student in alphabetical order. This number can be written on every folder that individual students use. Students should also write their number after their name on every paper.

Alphabetizing a set of papers or folders is simpler when putting numbers in order. Even young students can help alphabetize take-home or seat-work folders by putting them in numerical order.

Having trouble getting students to complete morning tasks?

Construct a chart of icons to remind students of morning routines. Explain the task each icon represents; then hang the chart in a prominent place at the front of the classroom. A few minutes before the morning bell, remind students to check the chart and to complete any task they haven’t done yet. After a couple of weeks, remembering to check the chart becomes the students’ responsibility.

Icons could include die-cut or hand-drawn shapes of: smiley face for beginning the day with a smile; a coat to remember to hang them up, a pencil for remembering to sharpen them, a ticket for remembering to turn in lunch or milk tickets, and a paper-shape for completing the morning’s worksheet.

 by Wendy Harris. Updated October 21, 2015.

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