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Changed into His Image, 2nd edition

Changed into His Image, 2nd edition
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Changed into His Image by Jim Berg addresses Christian sanctification. It directs individual believers to recognize the true condition of the world and their own flesh, to turn from this reality to accept a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and to respond to God’s promptings in life. Both disciple makers and new and old believers alike will benefit from this roadmap to spiritual growth, especially with careful contemplation of sections dedicated to individual use and to disciple making. Combine this study with Essential Virtues for a comprehensive look at Christian growth and maturity.

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  • ISBN - 978-1-62856-485-3
  • eISBN - 978-1-62856-486-0
  • Author - Jim Berg
  • Copyright Year - 2018
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 368 pp.
  • Publisher - BJU Press, JourneyForth

Changed into His Image, 2nd edition

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