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Grade 2 Spelling Online Course Enrollment

Grade 2 Spelling Online Course Enrollment

Spelling 2 for Distance Learning

Spelling 2 teaches spelling patterns and strategies while encouaging meaning-based word studies and practicing dictionary skills. Mrs. Evanna Walker balances work and fun, and the occasional puppet visit, to help her students master spelling so that they can become better communicators for God.

Scheduling Information: 180 Days (181 lesson days + tests days/work days); lessons are 15 minutes in length.

2018 Scope and Sequence by Subject pdf document 

2018 Scope and Sequence by Grade pdf document 

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Mrs. Evanna Walker, BS

Mrs. Evanna Walker, a course instructor for BJU Press Distance LearningMrs. Walker has eight years’ experience teaching first grade at Bob Jones Elementary School. “My first love is to teach a child to read-primarily so that he can read God’s Word for himself and share it with others. He should be able to appreciate what he reads, draw conclusions, and make value judgments to become a thinker.”

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Grade 2 Spelling Online Course Enrollment

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