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SEEDS: Bob Jones Sowing for Eternity

SEEDS: Bob Jones Sowing for Eternity
“I skim a little cream from everyone I meet,” said Dr. Bob Jones Sr. (1883—1968), and he indeed had a rich life. His story begins after the Civil War in the Wiregrass Region of southeast Alabama. He never forgot his roots or the sandy soil of the area that he forever claimed as his home, even as his revival campaigns took him around the country and the world. The influence of his parents, his teachers, and the preachers of that bygone era taught him many things that culminated in the founding of a unique institution of higher learning, Bob Jones College. This documentary covers the early years of Dr. Bob Jones Sr.’s life and ministry.
  • Author - ShowForth
  • Copyright Year - 2010
  • Length - 30 min.
  • Publisher - ShowForth

SEEDS: Bob Jones Sowing for Eternity

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