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Math 4 Teacher's Visual Packet (3rd ed.)

Math 4 Teacher's Visual Packet (3rd ed.)
The packet contains 45 colorful teaching charts to use with the lessons and to display in the classroom. The charts include graphs, measurement, fractions, decimals, 2- and 3-dimensional figures, perimeter/area/volume, and multiplication and long division processes. The packet also contains pocket charts, rulers, Fraction Kit, Place Value Kits, Number Cards, a Number Line, Measurement Flashcards, and multiplication/division Fact Family Flashcards for teacher demonstration. All of these visuals are perforated for easy preparation and are large versions of the items provided for each student in the Math 4 Student Manipulatives Packet.
  • ISBN - 978-1-59166-906-7
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2009
  • Edition - 3rd ed.
  • Format - card stock
  • Length - 45 pp.
  • Grade Level - 4
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Math 4 Teacher's Visual Packet (3rd ed.)

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