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Simeon [DVD]

Simeon [DVD]
God has promised Simeon, an aging candle-maker, that he will not die before he sees the Messiah.With his time growing short, Simeon wonders how much longer he must wait. But what is this story of angels he hears from Bethlehem shepherds? What heavenly sign could compel Eastern Magi to send an emissary to Jerusalem? And Who is this Child a poor couple brings to dedicate at the Temple? This groundbreaking Christmas opera, written by Dr. David Burke and composed by Dr. Dwight Gustafson, merges a time-honored art form with a timeless story from the Scriptures. A resource for Bible, music, and drama. Suitable for children, teens, and adults.
  • ISBN - 978-1-59166-801-5
  • Copyright Year - 2007
  • Format - DVD
  • Length - 61 min.
  • Publisher - ShowForth

Simeon [DVD]

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