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Marguerite Makes a Book (book and Teaching Guide)

Marguerite Makes a Book (book and Teaching Guide)
Produced by The J. Paul Getty Museum, Marguerite Makes a Book is a picture book written by Bruce Robertson and beautifully illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt. The book describes the fascinating process behind making a fifteenth-century illuminated manuscript and was inspired by a group of Parisian manuscripts in the Getty Museum’s collection that date from around 1400 to 1425, a golden era in the history of French painting. Colorful illustrations help visualize the process, that includes drawing with quill and ink, gold leafing, and mixing paints of egg whites and pigments. It includes fold-out pages that show the color-making process. The educational staff of BJU’s Museum & Gallery has developed a teaching guide to accompany this book. The lessons focus on the Middle Ages, relating both the function and intrigue of manuscript books, church architecture, and Gothic art. This set comes with a hardcover book and teaching guide.
  • ISBN - 978-0-89236-372-8
  • Author - Bruce Robertson
  • Copyright Year - 1999
  • Format - hardback
  • Length - 48 pp.
  • Publisher - J. Paul Getty Museum

Marguerite Makes a Book (book and Teaching Guide)

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