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Unusual Films DVD Set

Unusual Films DVD Set
Get all six of these highly acclaimed, inspirational films for only $100! The Unusual Films 6-DVD Set provides your family with over ELEVEN HOURS of the finest in quality Christian drama. And now you have the option of ordering them together at one special low price. Included are Beyond the Night, Flame in the Wind, The Printing, Red Runs the River, Sheffey, and Wine of Morning.

A resource for families, churches, and Christian schools. Suitable for upper elementary, teens, and adults.

This offer expires January 31, 2012.
  • Author - Unusual Films
  • Copyright Year - 2003
  • Format - DVD
  • Length - 6 DVDs, 60-137 min. each
  • Publisher - Unusual Films

Unusual Films DVD Set

$100.00 This item is not available for purchase.
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