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Linking Policy

We encourage both individuals and organizations to link to the BJU Press website. You do not need to obtain advanced permission before linking, but we would appreciate your notifying our staff at We reserve the right to deny permission to link to our site as well as to change this linking policy without notice.

Below are some suggested URLs:

  1. (Home Page)
  2. (Textbooks)
  3. (Distance Learning Home)
  4. (Testing and Evaluation)
  5. (Trade Books)
  6. (ShowForth)

Please be aware that pages on our site may move, so please review your links periodically, especially if the URL is not listed above.

When linking to our page, please do not

  1. Present any content as your own
  2. Display our pages in your frames
  3. Imply that BJU Press endorses you, your website, or the goods or services that you offer

Reciprocal Links/Link Solicitations

BJU Press does not enter into reciprocal link agreements or accept link solicitations at this time.

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