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Bible commentaries, devotionals, and more to help encourage and strengthen your church members in their service for God

Becoming an Effective Christian Counselor

Handling Earthly Treasure: Biblical Certainties about Money
by Alan Patterson
In Handling Earthly Treasure, Alan Patterson presents a biblical view of financial topics such as giving, owning property, borrowing and lending, financial planning, profiting from a business, and responding to poverty.
Price: $11.00

Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus

Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus
by William J. Senn III, DMin
Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus provides a manual for church-based campus ministry. A valuable pastoral resource, this book outlines a method for evangelizing college students through the local church.
Price: $21.00

The Printing

The Printing [DVD]
The Printing is a family film produced by Unusual Films that tells the story of faithful Christians that continue printing and smuggling Bibles even when they know they are being hunted down by the Soviet Russian government.
Price: $17.95

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Starting a Christian School?

A Christian school is important for your church families and your community and is not as difficult to start as you might think. In addition to the handbook, Christian Education: Its Mandate and Mission, the following guide will offer step-by-step advice for establishing a Christian school. Tips about a philosophy statement, grade levels, budgets, personnel, textbooks and supplies, advertisement, and more—all in a timetable that is manageable from one year before opening through the first day of school.

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