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Presenting the Christian worldview through textbooks, novels, music, and more

Science 1

Science 1 (3rd ed.)
Science 1 will help get your students started on the path to scientfic inquiry. Science process skills are introduced and developed through participation in hands-on activities and projects.
Price: $36.67

Writing & Grammar 11

Writing & Grammar 11 (3rd ed.)
Writing & Grammar 11 strengthens students’ writing skills, introduces more advanced grammar concepts, and develops reference and study skills.
Price: $25.56

Pathways for Preschool

Pathways for Preschool
Pathways for Preschool promotes prereading skills, phonemic awareness and letter recognition through fun activities, songs, games, and crafts.
Price: $22.22

Bible Truths F

Bible Truths F (3rd ed.)
Bible Truths F prepares your students for independent decision making by challenging them to apply Jesus’ teachings to daily life.
Price: $22.22

Scholarly Books from Bob Jones University Press

Bob Jones University Press is an imprint of BJU Press that publishes books and resources for the academic community. Visit their informational page to learn more about the imprint, to view recent products, to download sample chapters, and to read reviews and descriptions of products.

Looking for Trustworthy Youth Books?

JourneyForth is an imprint of BJU Press that produces books for children and adults. Books for children and teens include novels, Christian fiction books, Christian biographies, read-aloud books, and teen Bible studies. The standard fiction, while not overtly Christian, offers a good story with a Christian worldview. Check out JourneyForth's webpage to read more information about the imprint and to view new releases.

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