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Examples of Critical Thinking

textbook coverScience 3 Student Text, page 22
“Pretend you have found a new cold-blooded animal. Write a paragraph about it. Tell what group the animal belongs to. Describe what the animal looks like using what you have learned about that group of animals.”

textbook coverScience 3 Teacher's Edition, page 98
“When you paint with watercolor paints, the paint is wet when you put it on the paper. Later the paint on the paper is dry. Why?”

textbook coverChemistry Student Text, page 80
“When an atheist peers into the workings of subatomic particles, he is looking at the foundations of all existence according to his worldview. For him, all of life can be reduced to the random movements of these particles. If this is all the universe is, why do ethics matter?”

textbook coverChemistry Teacher’s Edition, page 51
Teachers are encouraged to ask students how humans might misapply measurements in a way that is displeasing to God.

textbook coverBiology Student Text, page 291
“Why would mosses be most abundant in areas such as the tundra and tropical rainforests where extreme environmental conditions exist?”

textbook coverBiology Teacher’s Edition, page 96
Students are asked to write a paragraph that explains why the interrelated metabolisms of the cell are evidence against evolution.

textbook coverEarth Science Student Text, page 288
“Suppose you inherited a 100-acre farm in the mountains. How would you use its soil best?”

textbook coverEarth Science Teacher’s Edition, page 91
“Ask your students what people mean when they say nature is ‘out of balance.’ Ask students to connect this to their worldview.”