BJU Press

BJU Press Homeschool Math Curriculum


Engage Student Interest

Since so many students dread math, we have designed a program that engages student interest using age-appropriate, colorful themes and clear explanation. On the elementary level, new concepts are introduced with student manipulatives to promote interactive learning.

Help Students Comprehend Concepts

The key to success in math is comprehension. A homeschooler who tries to survive on memorization alone will struggle as higher-level skills are introduced. The BJU Press homeschool math curriculum ensures comprehension of basic concepts and builds on that foundational understanding with frequent review and thoughtful introduction of new topics.

Apply Math to Real Life

As your child learns about all the ways math can apply to real life, he or she will be more excited about learning new skills. Our homeschool math textbooks show how formulas and facts can be used to make life easier. The exercises and problems demonstrate math use in a variety of situations—distance, measurement, finances, size, volume, and more.