BJU Press


The lectures are jammed pack of very helpful teaching tips and strategies. I have taken great notes and already made plans to implement new strategies. The speakers were all so great and funny. The lectures were insightful. I would recommend giving everyone in a school a chance to come to this. Everyone would benefit.
a fourth grade teacher

If you would like to use BJU Press curriculum as intended, you must come to this conference! After teaching BJU Press subjects for 5+ years, I still came away with new ideas, understanding, and a new confidence to teach effectively.
a fourth grade teacher

The speakers are very knowledgeable, the time assigned to each workshop was perfect. At the end of the day, I did not feel extremely overwhelmed or tired of all the acquired knowledge. I felt inspired and ready to make all the changes needed. The conference was well-planned, everyone was very polite and professional. It was really a great experience.
a second grade teacher

From the moment you enter to the time you leave, you are centered in Christ. The effortless flow to which biblical integration is...well integrated into every part of your time here is refreshing and appreciated! I am walking away not only with the tools to be a better teacher, but also the renewed passion to guide these children to Christ.
a first through second grade teacher

I would tell a friend that this is a wonderful conference to understand the full intentions of the BJU Press curriculum. The only way to use a curriculum to its fullest is to understand the design the authors had in mind. This is a conference that helps the student to see Christ in every area of Christian education as it relates to school.
a fourth grade teacher

Attending The Exchange Conference will be a great investment into your personal development because you will meet amazing teachers from many Christian schools who are filled with experience. It will also feel very refreshing because the speakers share many tips and tools that work for them. Lastly, it will encourage you to STOP and think WHY??? you do what you do and for WHOM are you doing it!
a fourth grade homeroom teacher

This was a wonderful experience. Every workshop that I attended was beneficial to me as a teacher. It gave me new perspectives, tools, and ideas to implement in my classroom. The presenters were pleasant and upbeat which made the time fly by and left me wanting more!
a fourth grade teacher

I cannot say enough about the servant heart attitude of everyone involved in this conference. The knowledge and wisdom imported by the speakers is invaluable, but when presented in concert with the obvious love and desire to help fellow Christian school educators succeed, the attendee leaves feeling as though s/he has truly experienced a reflection of Christ.
an academic administrator

The Exchange Conference was an incredible experience for me. It was packed with extremely helpful information in every session I attended. The speakers were inspiring, knowledgeable, and very helpful with many tips. The comfortable atmosphere made for a fun and relaxing week. Of course, my favorite part was the Christian influence that was taught/shared in every class.
a first through third grade teacher

Go! It's worth the time, effort and cost. You will be inspired, challenged, humbled and equipped to be the tool God created you to be. This is well-organized! The facility is wonderful. The food is great, healthy and abundant. The biblical foundation is sure and steady. The information is practical and usable. The presenters are accessible and loving examples. You will love it!
a first grade teacher

I loved seeing a group of great Christian leaders coming together to help our schools. As a first year teacher, all resources and tips are beneficial to me. The choice of sessions to attend was wonderful. I was able to attend various classes that were all very helpful to me. I am very thankful for this experience in a Christ-oriented environment.
a fourth grade teacher