BJU Press

Presenter Biographies

Marnie Batterman

Marnie holds a BS in Elementary Education and MEd in Special Education. She holds SC certification for K4–Grade 8 as well as SCACS and AACS Professional Certification. She has taught for 23 years at Bob Jones Academy and has written material for BJU Press Elementary Bible, English, Reading, and Heritage Studies. She has trained teachers in China using BJU Press materials and has worked with BJU Press Distance Learning Online, building test banks for online courses.

Dr. Kristin Bird

Kristin received an undergraduate in Fine Arts Performance degree from Chatham College, where she focused on both music and biology. Her Master's degree in Teaching is from the University of Pittsburgh, with a concentration in Elementary Education. She completed her dissertation on parental involvement in online Christian schools for her PhD in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership. She has also taught Elementary Teacher Ed courses at God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she served as the Elementary Education Program Coordinator and Student Teacher Supervisor. She is currently teaching education classes online as an adjunct for several Bible colleges and was most recently the Principal of Sevenstar Academy (online Christian school in Ohio). Currently, she works for Renewanation, helping to start new Christian schools and revitalize existing struggling schools. She is also a speaker, teacher mentor, and a strong voice for the cause of biblical worldview education.

Dottie Buckley

Dottie has been involved in Christian education for nearly 40 years as a teacher, mentor, author, and presenter. Initially her love for teaching was focused on children from preschool through middle school. Dottie enjoyed working with student teachers at various grade levels in a variety of schools. For over 20 years she was involved as an author and supervisor of elementary authors at BJU Press. During this time she also served Christian educators as a speaker and consultant. She is now serving as a National Consultant for BJU Press, encouraging teachers to be more effective at reaching the current and future generations for the glory of God.

Gene Bucholtz

Gene holds a MEd and has been on the BJU Press secondary math team since 2010. He served four years in the US Marine Corps as an airborne radar technician and taught math and computer science in Christian schools for 30 years. Gene has a passion for helping teachers and students and for producing products that present a biblical worldview while providing accessibility, strong academic rigor, and integration of technology.

Dr. Brian Carruthers

Brian holds a BS in Science Education and an MS in Educational Administration and Supervision from Bob Jones University. He received an EdD in School Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He has 19 years of experience as a teacher and administrator of Christian schools in Florida and North Carolina. Brian is the Dean of the School of Education and also oversees the Clinical Practice program at Bob Jones University.

Ann Carruthers

Ann holds a BS in Elementary Education and an MA in Teaching and Learning from Bob Jones University. She taught K–Grade 12 in Christian Education for over 30 years in Florida and North and South Carolina. Since 2004, she has taught Elementary Spanish at Bob Jones Academy. During the summers she works as an Elementary Writer for Content Development at BJU Press. One hobby she enjoys is photography, and she uses her photography skills to capture everyday activities as well as special events at her school.

Dr. Brian Collins

Brian is a Biblical Worldview Specialist at BJU Press. He holds a PhD in Theology and has worked at BJU Press for 13 years. His work focuses primarily on Christian-worldview shaping for the Press's history and language arts product lines. He was a contributing writer to Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption.

Kevin Collins

Kevin works at BJU Press as a secondary Bible curriculum writer. He holds a BA degree in Bible and an MDiv degree. Prior to coming to BJU Press, he worked as a youth leader, a short-term missionary in Singapore, and as an elementary, junior high, and high school teacher in the Western United States. In addition to theology, he loves history and literature.

Becky Custer

Becky holds a BS in Elementary Education and has spent 35 years in elementary education and early childhood development, working to prepare young children for later learning. She has taught teacher-training classes and currently serves as BJU Press’s Early Learning Consultant.

Cindy Dickinson

Cindy has a BS in Elementary Education. She has 20 years of teaching experience teaching a variety of ages and subjects. She spent two years in China as an administrator and teacher trainer, helping Chinese nationals to use BJU Press materials to teach and shape their students’ worldview. She is currently a National Consultant for BJU Press.

Greg Fuller

Greg has been with BJU Press/Precept Marketing for 22 years representing BJU Press textbooks in Florida. For 8 years he has been a certified MIMIO trainer and has taught over 100 teachers how to implement interactive technology to engage students in the classroom.

Dr. Jenny Klipp

Jenny holds an MEd in Elementary Education, an EdS in Educational Leadership, and an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction. She also has SCACS and AACS professional certification and is a member of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the International Society for Technology in Education, and the South Carolina Association of Educational Technology. She has served as a music teacher; an elementary teacher; Assistant to Dean of BJU School of Fine Arts & Communication; a fine arts coordinator; and a class, conference, and workshop speaker. Currently, Dr. Klipp is the BJA Elementary Principal.

Katie Klipp

Katie holds a BS and MEd in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University. She has earned an advanced professional certification from both SCACS and AACS. She has over 10 years of experience teaching first grade and currently serves as lead teacher for first grade at Bob Jones Academy. She conducts workshops as well as hands-on technology help sessions for educators and has assisted BJU Press in curriculum revision and professional development projects.

Pam Litzenberger

Pam holds a BA degree in Radio/Television Production from Bob Jones. She also has certification through AACS. She has 30 years of experience teaching Grades 3–8. Teaching junior high students is her passion, and teaching Pre-Algebra is her "dream job." Five years ago she began flipping one of her Pre-Algebra classes and saw the difference in how the students learned and the progress of some of the slower learners. She also had the opportunity to teach at Camp Infinity, a STEM camp located near the Creation Museum.

Janelle Moore

Janelle holds a BS in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University. She has taught for 18 years in grades ranging from Grades 3–8 in various school settings, including two years in a multigrade classroom in Germany. She has taught for the past 13 years at Bob Jones Academy and is currently the lead teacher for Grade 4.

Dr. Dan Nelson

Dan is the administrator of Bob Jones Academy and the vice-president of the South Carolina Christian Education Association. He and his wife Marty served with the Wilds Christian Camp for ten years in the Philippines and in Colorado before entering the ministry of Christian education. He holds degrees in Bible, information systems, and educational leadership. Dan has been a Christian school teacher and administrator for more than 25 years and loves the opportunity of challenging young people to follow Christ.

Marlene Reed

Marlene holds a BS in Speech Language Pathology/Audiology and Elementary Education and an MS in Special Education. She teaches in the School of Education and is also the Program Coordinator for the Special Education Program at Bob Jones University. She completed her Applied Behavior Analysis training as a line therapist to work with children with autism. Prior to assuming her present positions at BJU, she held the following teaching positions: Learning Disabilities Resource teacher, an Itinerant LD teacher, a homebound teacher, and Behavioral Disorders teacher. During her teaching experiences, she has taught learners with various types of disabilities, such as LD, ADHD, and ASD.

Barb Rooks

Barbara holds an MEd in Teaching English from Bob Jones University and has 30 years of classroom experience teaching English. Currently she is a BJU Press Language Arts curriculum writer on the secondary level.

Mike Santopietro

Mike contributes to the development of eTextbooks and other technology resources in his role as Senior Manager of Editorial Services at BJU Press. He holds an MA in Bible and an MBA and has over 15 years of experience in both educational and trade book publishing. Mike travels for BJU Press and enjoys supporting teachers in integrating purposeful uses of technology with a biblical-worldview education.

Rachel Santopietro

Rachel loves teaching, researching, and writing about science. But most importantly, she loves the One Who created it all. Rachel wants this enthusiasm to be contagious. The same sense of wonder that sparked her curiosity in childhood spurred her to pursue a degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in education. She wants to share her passion as she draws from her teaching and writing experience to provide academic oversight for writing teams at BJU Press.

Ben Schettler

Ben is the president of Ask or Think Ministries, a national speaker, television host of the Creation Today Show, and founder of the Pure.Truth.Conference. Over the last three years Pure.Truth. has held 18 purity conferences across America with a message that emphasizes the condition of the student’s heart, not just an abstinence decision. Whether Ben is in front of a camera, keynoting a conference, sharing on a college campus, or preaching at church on Sunday, his passion is contagious, his humor is relatable, and his message is Jesus.

Anita Sedivy

Anita holds a BS in elementary education and an MEd in secondary education. She has taught in Christian education for over 20 years, teaching a variety of math courses—from sixth-grade math to high school algebra—both in the classroom and by distance learning. She currently serves as the Assistant Principal of Early Learning at Bob Jones Academy.

Dr. Bryan Smith

Bryan has worked in Christian education for over 20 years. He has been a classroom teacher as well as a textbook author. Currently, he serves at BJU Press as the Senior Manager for Biblical Worldview Formation. In this position he assists authors and teachers in the work of of shaping a biblical worldview in the classroom. Bryan holds a PhD in Old Testament Interpretation.

Jennifer Toulson

Jennifer has 10 years of experience teaching on the Early Childhood level at Bob Jones Academy. Whether in the classroom, in town, or at church, Jenn has a true love and desire to teach children. Her love and desire to help others led her to earning an associate degree in Child Care from Bob Jones University.

Dr. Dennae White

Dennae holds a BS in Elementary Education, MS in Educational Leadership, and EdD in Curriculum and Instruction from Bob Jones University. She has taught sixth grade in both an elementary and middle school formats for fourteen years. She serves as a workshop presenter in several different fields as a teacher and BJU Press representative. She has helped with revising projects at Bob Jones University Press during the summers for 14 years at multiple grade levels.

Dr. Esther White

Esther holds 4 degrees from Bob Jones University: BA in History, MEd in Music Education, MS in Counseling, and EdD in Curriculum and Instruction. She has more than 20 years of education-related experience, serving not only in roles as college residence-hall counselor and supervisor but also in Christian schools as teacher, guidance counselor, and administrative team member. She currently serves as Director of Academic Advising at the secondary level as well as assistant administrator at Bob Jones Academy. She has written for several Christian educational magazine and book endeavors and presents workshops at Christian school conventions. Esther has served as an adjunct member of the BJU faculty, teaching Adolescent Growth and Development.