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Distance Learning Courses | Grades 9–12

Heritage Studies 12: Economics/American Government

Course Description—Economics

Economics surveys basic economic topics, including supply and demand and the circular flow of income and products. Case studies of economic issues in 18 nations and biographies of 18 influential economists allow students to study the comparative economic systems, business, competition, money and banking, and national economics concerns such as productivity, unemployment, and inflation. Students consider personal economic concerns such as budgeting, managing credit, saving, and financial planning. Scriptural principles are applied to all areas of economics.

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Recommended Viewing Schedule

five 30-minute lessons per week for one semester; 84 lessons total

Course Description—American Government

American Government takes a historical approach to American government, analyzing its levels and branches and explaining its scriptural foundation. The course provides students with an overview of the changes and developments of our government along with discussions about current issues. Students also examine the Constitution, political parties, elections, interest groups, mass media, and political behavior.

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Recommended Viewing Schedule

five 30-minute lessons per week for one semester; 84 lessons total

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Student Text

cover image of  Economics text Economics examines the concepts and theories of economics from a Christian perspective and profiles individual countries and economic perspectives. It contains 18 chapters in 6 units and includes section questions and chapter review questions.
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cover image of American Government text American Government (2nd ed., copyright update) prepares your student for responsible citizenship with a discussion of the principles and mechanics of a constitutional republic. Material discussed includes the Constitution, in depth insights into the three branches of government, political parties, elections, foreign policy, and more, all from a biblical perspective. The material can be taught in one or two semesters.
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Meet the Instructor

Miss Carrie Goins, BA, MEd

Miss Carrie Goins, a course instructor for BJU Press Distance LearningMiss Goins has just completed a masters degree in history education. Her interest in history began in high school. "I realized that there was more to history than just what the textbook included. My favorite part of a history class was the research project, where we could choose our own topics and do as much research as we wanted." In college, she studied a variety of phases in history, but her favorite courses were in World History, especially Western Europe.

Her goal for her students is to see that history is much like a good story. It tells of God’s working in peoples’ lives, using even the most unlikely of people as His instruments. Historical events are not just things of the past to be pushed aside; they are actual incidents from which students of today can learn. Isaiah 46:9 gives us the main reason for studying history: "Remember the former things of old for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me."


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