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Christian Classroom Online

Option 2: Complete Christian Classroom

This option provides a full online learning experience for your students. Each student receives a personal login for the subjects you purchased, and the work can be done at school or at home. Since the students work at their own pace, they have the flexibility to schedule classes around other school activities.

Each student login comes with all available eTextbooks. The students experience is similar to that of BJU Press Distance Learning homeschooled students but under your school's direction.

Students enjoy

  • individualized pacing
  • online assessments (Grades 5–12)
  • eTextbooks (for available subjects see FAQs)

And with easy anywhere, anytime access, students can also

  • follow the online course syllabus
  • watch instructional videos
  • complete online assessments


  • has access to student records, tests, and assessments
  • tracks student progress
  • can see which materials and videos have been viewed
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